Project Lists

House Built

After 3 months, on our fourth trip to the effected areas, at Bertam Baru, we were deeply moved by families still living in tents (especially an 80 year old lady!) and saw that a lot more can and need to be done. We held discussions with the villagers and elected one of them as a coordinat

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Books For Schools

While doing follow ups on the conditions of the effected areas, we also sent books to 3 school libraries that we decided to adopt and to equip them with quality reading materials that can change the mindset of the students. Kindly donated by friends and family and clients from the book industry truckful load of mostly eco and sustainable related books well received.

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KL Exposure Trip

We hosted 30 kids with 17 parents to the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair. A kind sponsor provided transport to and from Kelantan – Kuala Lumpur with accommodations at a resort in Janda Baik! Other sponsors provided meals, stationery and souvenirs. The kids had fun at the book fair and enjoyed documenting their eco experience at the resort.

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